Carbon Facial Treatment Can Give You Blemishes Free Skin:

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February 8, 2018
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February 23, 2018
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Carbon Facial Treatment Can Give You Blemishes Free Skin:

A Carbon Facial peel is a revolutionary treatment done through laser which is entirely painless with a downtime of minimal to zero. Carbon Facial peel is claimed beneficial for people with blackheads, oily skin, dull or monotonous skin, enlarged pores, pimples or acne on body or face. It is considered to be an excellent process to refresh and exfoliate your entire skin, endowing you with an instant fresh look or appearance making your skin look firmer, smoother and softer.

Laser Carbon Facial treatment reduces excessive wrinkles and is considered to be one of the latest innovative non-invasive rejuvenation treatments for skin and body for all the skin types. With zero level of downtime, delivering you with best and immediate outcomes helping you create a youthful look and complexion, Carbon Facial Treatment calls to be one of the best treatments for the most sensitive skin.

A liquid carbon layer is applied to the facial skin or body making it penetrate deep down into the skin pores. Carbon Facial Laser Light attracts the small and unpleasant carbon particles. On the process, when the laser is placed over the skin, it clearly smashes and destroys the carbon, taking away the dead skin cells, oil and other contaminants with it.

Following are the benefits that the Carbon Facial Treatment provides to your skin:


As the carbon is quarried through the laser, it eliminates the dead skin cells, pores, acne, and blackheads effectively exfoliating the skin in totality. The outcome is radiant, softer skin with a reduced size of the pore and better skin tone.


The ability of carbon is that it can absorb contaminants and oil from deep within the pores of the skin. On the process when the laser is passed over the area which is being treated, it targets and eliminates the visible carbon particles taking away the material which is absorbed with it.


The Carbon Facial targets the deep layers which require treatment and stimulates the production of collagen which produces plumper, firmer skin, thereby reducing the wrinkles and fine lines leaving the skin with a glowing and tighter look or appearance.

Acne and Oil Destruction:

The excess heat that is produced within the carbon peels has two distinct additional advantages. It lessens the P. Acnes bacteria which is responsible for acne. The Carbon Facial treatment helps in better management of the outbreaks and pimples, thereby shrinking the sebaceous glands that produce oils resulting in reduced oil production. It also assists to reduce the congestion that builds up in the pores.

Carbon Facial treatment can be performed on any body part which includes the chest and back. Moreover, with all skin treatments, Carbon Facial Peels treatment must be supplemented with a good routine for skin care and you must also remember to includehigh spectrum sunscreen on your skin daily. After a single treatment, you can effectively view the results but however for long-term results we at Removal Clinics recommend you to go for regular treatments of your skin.

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