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Micro needling: All you need to know

Micro needling has experienced an incredible surge in popularity over the past few years, with many swearing by its skin rejuvenating results. Yet many remain in the dark as to how the process of micro needling works, what skin issues it can overcome and whether such a treatment is right for them. Here we take a look at each of these questions and provide expert guidance and insight into the results that can be achieved when you choose micro needling.

How does Micro needling work?

Micro needling is known by many names, which may be why there’s some confusion as to what this treatment is; other terms for it include Digital Needling, Collagen Induction Therapy, Needle Abrasion, Needle Dermabrasion, Micro Needle Therapy and Digital Skin Needling. Micro needling involves a process of puncturing the skin with an incredibly fine needle; this in turn helps the skin to create new collagen (which is the elixir of youth and the substance within our skin that creates firmness and elasticity). The process effectively involves ‘micro trauma’ from which new collagen emerges during the healing process within the dermis (a layer within our skin).

The benefits of Micro needling

This treatment boasts an extensive array of benefits when compared to alternative skin treatments, including:

  • A notably short healing time
  • Only minimal ‘downtime’ (just 24 hours following treatment)
  • Minimal to no side effects at all
  • Skin that isn’t left sensitive to UV light
  • Cost effective when compared to laser treatments such as Fraxel
  • No skin damage, nor risk of skin discolouration

What results can micro needling deliver?

Micro needling is often referred to as the non-surgical facelift, precisely because of the results that it can achieve. Most specifically it can and often is used to:

  • Treat acne scars
  • Treat scars from conditions such as chicken pox
  • Minimise wrinkles
  • Generally improve the skin’s condition, creating a more youthful appearance.

Whilst the results of micro needling have been scientifically proven to be significant, the results that are achieved from client to client do differ, and depend upon both the client’s unique skin composition, as well as the results that they are trying to achieve. Any reputable provider of micro needling will be able to advise and guide you prior to going ahead with the treatment as to the likely results that you’ll achieve. If you’d like advice that you can trust, contact our team of dermatologists for guidance that is completely free from obligation.

Is micro needling suitable to everyone?

No, most specifically micro needling is not recommended for those with darker skin or suntans. The Removal Clinic: Industry leading dermatologists and unparalleled aftercare The Removal Clinic has specialised in tattoo removal for over x years; our experience, unrivalled knowledge and industry leading dermatologists today also deliver first-class micro needling treatments to clients who entrust us to achieve the results that we promise. We are home to cutting-edge equipment and exclusively use only medik8 products and aftercare regime – a brand that has been meticulously sourced and carefully chosen for the uncompromising results that it produces, and the skin care that it delivers. Located in the heart of London, at Number 1 Harley Street, we’re at the centre of world-class cosmetic surgery provision, offering services that are as cutting edge as they are expertly undertaken.

Ready to talk? If you believe that micro needling could be right for you, then talk with our team of specialists on 0207 205 2411; alternatively you can email the team on info@theremovalclinic.co.uk and we’ll be right back in touch.

Micro needling