Tattoo Removal

Are you bored of your tattoo? Fancy a change and need a cover up or quite simply have out grown your old tattoo. Here at The Removal Clinic we can help you. Wether you want your tattoo completly removed or just enough to have a cover up.

In the past tattoo removal methods have carried a high risk of scarring. Technology has evolved and with the introduction quality-switched lasers, tattoo removal is far more sucsessful. Q-switched lasers are far more gentle on the skin, they work by creating a short pulse of laser energy targeting the embedded tattoo ink. The laser energy is rapidly absorbed by the tattoo ink, causing the colour to fracture into microscopic particles. Gradually, the body’s lymphatic system absorbs the tiny particals and the tattoo fades away.

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Tattoo removal
MEDIUM £80- £100
LARGE £100-£150
EXTRA LARGE by consultation